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A Thousand Less Police... (June 2020)

Poems by Untold poets in response to the prompt by Maria Poblet, "A thousands less police..."

When Thousands March Forward - Desiraé Simmons

a thousand more answered dreams

a thousand less lives lost

a thousand more "how can i help you's"

a thousand less "why are you here's"

a thousand more hugs with loved ones

a thousand less tears from the pain of hate

a thousand more homes for the insecure

a thousand less excuses for why we can't

a thousand more nurses, teachers, farmers

a thousand more seeds rooting deep into tomorrow

a thousand more secrets of survival from the ancestors

a thousand more bursts of laughter for no reason

in the land of abundance there is always more

it is our charge to remove what was never needed

what i know to be true is more love feels best

the less we see ourselves as divided

the more connected we are to why what is

was never good enough, not in a thousand years

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