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A Goddess of Contentment

by Erika Murcia

You are a land full of abundance
an abundance of collective beloveds.
You have taught me to be still
in the Season of the present moment.
Moment of growth
Moment of learning
Moment of breath

You are a space without borders
we unlearn toxic borders.
We are the people of Spirit.
You have nurtured between us a bridge...
Of interdependence
Of coexistence
Of love

You are a powerful home to me
A home that has showed me love
Sacred love...
rooted in the process of integration.
Seven months ago I was born again
A plentiful new beginning
In Your Womb, I shed my Serpent Skin.

You are a Goddess of Contentment
holding space for me
So that I can manifest within
the confinements of my own Shadows
my freedom to contemplate You
And my sacred rhythm in Unity.
We Both are guided by the force of Abuela Luna.

A Goddess of Contentment
You Are a land full of abundance
You Are a space without borders
But most importantly
You Are home to me.
(Photo Credit - Shop_Ypsi)

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